Functions: Type Enforcement

HHVM does a runtime type check for function arguments and return values.

function takes_int($int $_): void {}

function check_parameter(): void {
  takes_int("not an int"); // runtime error.

function check_return_value(): int {
  return "not an int"; // runtime error.

If a type is wrong, HHVM will raise a fatal error. This is controlled with the HHVM option CheckReturnTypeHints. Setting it to 0 or 1 will disable this.

Partial Signatures

In partial mode, type hints are optional.

function add_items($x, int $y) {
  return $x + $y;

When add_items is called, HHVM will only check the type of $y. It also will not the check type when add_items returns.

The typechecker will also only check $y when it runs. It will assume that $x and the return value have the correct type. This unresolved type is shown as _ when hovering in the IDE.

Partial mode is intended to help users migrate to strict mode, and we recommend you use strict mode as soon as you can.